The Genetics and Genomics Program comprises faculty encompassing an array of multidisciplinary fields in genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics, and is partnered with the newly established Institute for Systems Genomics. Students in the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program may pursue a Masters or Ph.D. degree in this area of concentration. Students interested in careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries may also pursue an MS degree in Applied Genomics in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program (Contact for more information).

Areas of research focus include chromosome structure and function, comparative genomics and genome evolution, developmental genetics, molecular evolution, control of transcription, modulation of noncoding RNAs, human genomics, animal models for genome biology, centromere biology, and epigenetics.


Barbara Mellone, Program Head

phone: (860)486-9223

G & G News

  • Professor Barbara Mellone Awarded NIH award
    MCB Associate Professor Barbara Mellone received a $2.6million R35-MIRA grant from the National Institute of Health to fund her research on an elusive yet vital chromosomal structure that all plant and animal share: the centromere. This five-year grant will support research efforts to determine the contribution of DNA repeats and centromere chromatin to the formation […]
    Posted on September 5, 2019

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