Genetics and Genomics Faculty

Research Faculty

Leighton Core Leighton Core, Associate Professor; PhD
RNA transcription and processing; maintenance of cellular states; genomic techniques and bioinformatics Core Lab Website
Campellone Kenneth Campellone, Associate Professor, PhD
Inherited diseases; genetic modifiers of disease; aging, autophagy, and apoptosis Campellone Lab Website
Jelena Erceg Jelena Erceg, Assistant Professor, PhD
4D genome architecture, functional genomics, epi/genetics, gene regulation, developmental biology, evolution Erceg Website
Stacey Hanlon Stacey Hanlon, Assistant Professor, PhD
How does the cell ensure that meiosis is fair?  The Hanlon Lab studies genetic renegades and the mechanisms in place to keep selfish genetic elements from gaming the system.  We use classical genetic and modern cell biology techniques to examine the dynamics of selfish B chromosomes during female meiosis in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Hanlon Lab
Barbara Mellone Barbara Mellone, Professor, PhD
Genome inheritance and stability, chromosome dynamics during cell division, epigenetics Mellone Lab Website
Craig Nelson Craig Nelson, Associate Professor, PhD
Molecular biological, genetic, genomic, and computational analysis of the evolution of developmental processes and organismal complexity. Nelson Lab Website
Michael O'Neill Michael O’Neill, Associate Professor, PhD
Molecular genetics of vertebrate development; molecular mechanisms of genomic imprinting; evolution of genomic imprinting; genetics of imprinting and behavior
Rachel O'Neill Rachel O’Neill, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, PhD
Genome stability; cancer genomics; genome function, evolution, and remodeling; retroelements; epigenetics  R. O'Neill Lab Website
Ping Zhang Ping Zhang, Associate Professor, PhD
Drosophila chromosome structure and function; P element insertional mutagenesis; unusual transcriptional regulation of heterochromatin; Y chromosome genes required for spermatogenesis.

Teaching Faculty

Justin Kratovil Justin Kratovil, Visiting Assistant Professor; PhD
Mark Longo Mark Longo, Assistant Professor In-Residence, PhD


Linda Strausbaugh, Professor Emeritus
Structure, function, and evolution of multigene families; fungal communities in human health and disease; historical and forensic genetics